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Jamie Janover

Ancient sites in Egypt contain evidence that our commonly believed version of history may be incorrect and points us toward human history going back much farther and being much more advanced than was once believed.






Ancient Egypt Revisited


Elective Overview

In this series of Ancient Egypt Revisited sessions, Resonance Science Foundation ambassador Jamie Janover discusses in great detail three ancient sites in Egypt visited by the Resonance Academy Delegate Gathering in October 2017: The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Sphinx and the Osireion Temple in Abydos.

Join Jamie as he delves deeply into the major questions that arise when exploring these ancient sites. How were these sites constructed? By whom? How long ago were they built? The answers that the mainstream Egyptologists put forth don't match the evidence on the ground.

Emerging new theories...demonstrate a much different version of history as we know it.

We take a close look at the evidence left by the builders and review the remarkable amount of information that has been left and encoded in these monuments. In an effort to gain a clearer understanding of our collective origins, we review the traditional history of Egypt as well as the main emerging new theories by independent researchers like Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, High Newman, Yousef Awayan and others that demonstrate a much different version of history as we know it.

These ancient sites in Egypt alone contain the evidence that our commonly believed version of history may be incorrect and points us toward a human history that goes back much further and was much more advanced than once believed... 

Elective Topics

Session 1 – Overview & Great Pyramid
(2 hours, includes Q&A)
Session 2 – Sphinx & Valley Temple
(2 hours, includes Q&A)
Session 3 – Osireion Temple in Abydos & Flower of Life
(2 hours, includes Q&A)
Session 4 – Recent Discoveries & What's Next
(2 hours, includes Q&A)

Four 2-hour sessions - 90 minute presentations + 30 min Q&A (recorded)

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Quick Glimpse

Check out the first five minutes of Ancient Egypt Revisited - Session 1


Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover has long been interested in the intersection of science and all things considered spiritual, so when he first came across Nassim Haramein lecturing at a music festival in 2002, the dots connected. Ever since that time, Jamie has been delving ever deeper into the world of unified physics and ancient cultures through the lens of Nassim Haramein’s theories. In his extensive world travels on tour as a professional musician, Jamie has explored ancient sites around the world, photographing and researching their mysterious origins.

Jamie Janover was taught by Nassim Haramein how to deliver presentations on his unified field theory in 2008 as one of the Resonance Science Foundation’s original Emissaries. In 2012, he became the Resonance Project’s first Ambassador and took over for Nassim in teaching 3-day Delegate Programs, an in-person course that later became the Delegate Program online course in the Resonance Academy. Jamie has delivered hundreds of comprehensive presentations on Nassim’s work at events, conferences and festivals worldwide in places as far-reaching as New Zealand, Egypt, India, Canada, Indonesia, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, England, Mexico and all-across the USA from New York to Hawaii.

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