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Experience an intimate and highly interactive learning environment from one of the most iconic and historically significant regions on planet Earth: the Giza Plateau in Egypt!

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Advanced Knowledge Tour I

FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 1, 2020


Thursday, February 20th - 2pm PT


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Tour Overview

Exploring Ancient Knowledge

In October 2017, Robert Edward Grant “RG” joined the Resonance Academy on their first trip to Egypt. Immediately following the tour was the announcement of a new discovery of a large hidden void above the Grand Gallery and King’s Chamber, found using ground penetrating radar. Robert returned to Egypt in May 2018, discovering the debossed markings of Alpha & Omega on the far rim of the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber.
Who knows what might be discovered on this next adventure!
Watch 'The Real Da Vinci Code' (below)

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the hidden mysteries of Ancient Egypt with Resonance Academy faculty members, hosted by RG and joined by Alan Green, Adam Apollo, Jamie Janover and other special guests, with expert commentary from our outstanding local guides, Mohamed Ibrahim and Mohamed "Zak" Zakaria.

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Entangled Interactions
Virtual Access

  • Alpha Education – Four 2-hour educational sessions, covering the latest research from Robert Edward Grant, Alan Green, Adam Apollo, Jamie Janover, Tour Guide Mohamed Ibrahim and Egyptologist Mohamed Zakaria.

  • In the Field – Special on-site recordings of various excursions with the group to sites like The Giza Plateau, Sakkara, Dashur and the Faiyum Oasis.

  • Background Fluctuations – Behind the scenes footage of the group while traveling, sharing meals, candid discussions, etc.

  • Fractal Features – Personal messages and testimonials from our presenters, tour guides and participants.

  • Wormhole Connections – Access to a private Facebook group for live videos, real-time discussions, inquiries and firsthand interactions with the group in Egypt.

  • Photon Gallery - Captured moments will be uploaded each day from the "ground-team" to give another angle of deeper insight and perspective. 

Alpha Omega

RG's 2018 discovery of the Alpha & Omega markings on the King's Chamber sarcophagus.

Robert Grant - Presentation - Mexico
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Activated Offerings

We are excited for you to join us for this adventure, and want to share with you opportunities to dive deeper. With the purchase of a virtual pass, you will also receive an offer to gain FREE access to Robert Grant’s course, The Language of Light, with the purchase of his first elective course, The Etymology of Number.

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ARK crystal discount

Receive 10% discount across the entire ARK crystal product collection, including first-access to the peridot embellished pendant.

Throughout the years, ARK Crystal has introduced custom pendants in alignment with each RSF adventure. Ancient Egyptians considered peridot as the gem of the sun. These special edition armed pendants feature Resonator modulated peridot gems and can be purchased with or without an ARK crystal.

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Pyramid Passage

Quaternion Symmetry

A collaboration with Alan Green, based on the work of RG's paper titled "The Wave Number Theory".
“Music is the light we cannot see, Light is the Music we cannot hear” - RG
Pyramid Passage

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