Entymology of Number

A Resonance Academy Elective from Faculty Member

Robert Grant

The Etymology of Number is a four-part lecture series that examines the discovery and evolution of the
human understanding of numbers and their role in science, art and human awareness.







The Etymology of Number


Elective Overview

The Etymology of Number is a four-part lecture series that examines the discovery and evolution of the human understanding of numbers and their role in physics, chemistry, photonics, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time and human awareness.

This course builds upon history and secular teaching from the great philosophers and polymaths of antiquity to today, each of them equally scientists, mathematicians, psychologists, musicians, architects, artists and sculptors since the dawn of recorded human history. We examine the works of Pythagoras, Plato, Archimedes, DaVinci, Shakespeare, Kepler, Descartes, Newton, Einstein and Russell, among others. We also investigate the role of numbers through history within the human psyche, spirituality, Gnosticism, esotericism, self awareness and actualization.

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” — Leonardo da Vinci

In the second lecture, “The Mystery of Constants,” we demystify Pi, Phi, Alpha, Euler Number and Euler Mascheroni Constants and their inter-relational effects on the entire universe including planetary orbits, orbital velocities, time measurement, atomic resonance and the universal constant of light speed. Through this lecture, participants gain a broader appreciation of the multi variant phenomenon we experience everyday, including rhythmic balanced interchange, polarity, complementarity, non-locality and duality.

The third lecture titled, “The Language of Light,” covers the interrelationship of the mathematical constants, assembling them into a mathematical and universal language of electromagnetism and photonics (light), a language where numbers and geometry are the fundamental basis for our daily observation and life experience, dimensional awareness and syntactical communication. This lecture will also delve deeply into the twin opposing reactions of vibratory electromagnetism: radiation and its mirrored opposite condition, gravitation, as well as implications on spin, angular momentum, energy, forward time, and their mirrored opposites including dark matter, dark energy and the emerging notion of backward time.

In the fourth and final lecture, “The Mirror of Consciousness,” we review the prior three lectures. The discussion culminates in the presentation and discussion of a new unified ‘theory of everything.

Elective Topics


Session 1 – The Etymology of Number (2 hours, includes Q&A)
Session 2 – The Mystery of Constants (2 hours, includes Q&A)
Session 3 – The Language of Light (2 hours, includes Q&A)
Session 4 – The Mirror of Consciousness (1.5 hours, includes Q&A)

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Quick Glimpse

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“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” Nikola Tesla

Robert E. Grant

Robert E. Grant

Mr. Robert E. Grant, 49, is presently the Founder, Chairman and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, a growth equity firm based in Newport Beach, CA.

Mr. Grant is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Concierge Key Health, a national technology company delivering on-demand access to elite physician specialists. He is also the Founder and Vice Chairman of ALPHAEON Corporation (a subsidiary of Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC), a leader in the rapidly growing field of Lifestyle Healthcare and based in Irvine, CA. ALPHAEON is the parent company of Evolus, Inc (NASDAQ: EOLS).

Additionally, he was formerly CEO and President of Bausch and Lomb Surgical in June of 2010. Prior to this, he led Allergan Medical as President from 2006 to 2010.

Mr. Grant currently serves or the boards of Zelegent, Inc, and ALPHAEON Corp, and has previously served on the boards of Myoscience, Inc., Acufocus, Inc. and ReShape Medical, Inc.

Additionally, he serves or has served on the boards of the following university and charitable organizations: The Schmid College of Chapman University, the University of California, Irvine (UCI) CEO Roundtable Steering Committee, The School of Law at UCI, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering, OCTANe (501-C3 non-profit entity) an economic development corporation for technology companies in Orange County, California where he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the Young President’s Organization (YPO/WPO) Southern California Chapter where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board (‘17-‘18).

He holds several patents in the fields of photonics, electromagnetism, genetic combinatorics, DNA and phenotypic expression, and cybernetic implant technologies. Mr. Grant published and confirmed the existence of quasi-prime numbers (a new classification of prime numbers) and their infinite pattern inherent to icositetragonal geometry.

Mr. Grant holds a BA from Brigham Young University and an MBA (graduating with Honors) from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management. Additionally, he has attended the President’s Seminar at Harvard Business School (’09-’16). He has lived and worked in nine countries and speaks Japanese, French, Korean and German fluently.

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